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Abstract Surface

I had the chance to have Dina do a long distance Reiki Session on me. I've never felt so opened in a long time. I felt light and almost euphoric for about an hour after the session. She's a great listener and made me feel a step closer to healing.

N. Serry

Blue Light
"Reiki and working with Dina regularly over months achieved what has so often eluded me in traditional healthcare, specifically behavioral healthcare. I have a chronic lifelong trauma history and under Dina’s care, through the energy work, I delved deep into my subconscious gaining insights that I never previously had in typical talk therapy. With Dina, I was able to safely process some of that trauma and work with the range of emotions that surfaced. Interestingly, once I began to release previously unprocessed emotions, my depression lifted, my cognition improved, and often enough certain physical pain would go away too. I always felt safe with Dina. She is generous, warm, nonjudgmental, and a very engaged listener who is passionate about what she does."

Erin S.

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