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Dolores Cannon

"COMING SOON"- Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

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This healing was developed by Dolores Cannon. The session  lasts from 4-6 hours. It combines Past Life Regression, where we go to 3 Past Lives through hypnosis. The purpose is to learn lessons that may be repeating in this life, clear karma, and help clarify purpose in this life. The session ends with the "CS" (a collective healing energy) coming through to help answer any questions the cleint has and heal the client (if appropriate and if not related to karama). The CS can answer questions like: Where does my soul originate from? How many past lives have I lived? Has my spouse been with me in other lives? What is my purpose? What should I be focusing on right now? Can you heal the discomfort in my lower back? Why did "x" happen in my current life?, etc.



    Reiki Treatments can help you decrease stress, anxiety, insomina, etc. Adding crystals to a treatment help enhance and strengthen the Reiki energy.

    According to practitioners, Reiki channels universal energy known as ki, pronounced “chi.” This is the same energy involved in tai chi exercise.

    This energy supposedly permeates the body. Reiki experts point out that although this energy is not measurable with modern scientific techniques, many who tune into it can feel it.

    Reiki allegedly aids relaxation, assists in the body’s natural healing processes, and develops emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being

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